Imprinted Concreteimprinted concrete service

With a range of timeless, intricate, and traditional designs, Meadow Drives’ imprinted concrete driveways prove that concrete doesn’t have to be just a plain slab of grey. A durable, long-lasting, and affordable alternative to traditional methods, you will be amazed at the variety of different designs that are available to you for your brand new driveway installation.

After pouring the wet concrete for your new planned driveway, our team will then imprint your chosen design onto the drying surface; giving your new driveway the appearance of a stone slab or brick driveway without any of the additional work or weight of heavy stone blocks. This cost-effective solution is quickly and easily installed, with a final product that will last you decades with minimal maintenance. But is imprinted concrete right for you?

More Than Meets the Eye

While more traditional block paving methods can take about a week to fully complete, depending on the size of your driveway, a concrete driveway takes less than a day to fully install, with a drying time of between 24-48 hours. This quick installation saves both time and money, and also leaves you with a more complete and solid surface.

There are many different benefits to choosing concrete driveways over traditional block paving methods, including:

  • No moss, mold or weeds growing between cracks
  • Incredibly weather resistant
  • Eliminates issues with loose bricks or mortar
  • Tone matching your concrete drive to your home’s existing exterior

Thanks to the versatility of the imprinting method, there is a nearly limitless variety of different design options available; able to mimic traditional masonry, stone slabs, and even more abstract designs. Once your driveway has been installed, our team can also apply an additional polymer sealant over the top of the concrete; which, once absorbed into the surface, will help protect it from weather damage, such as cracks from heavy rainfall and frost, and preventing colour bleaching from direct sunlight.

If you are interested in getting a brand new imprinted concrete driveway for your property, feel free to call a member of the Meadow Drives and Patios team today for a competitive quote, or a more in-depth look at our design options.