Front Block Paving Driveway in Lancashire, Burnley

Block Paving Bury Quotes

We love working in Bury and here are a few example quotes / messages we got from our Bury Customers over the last few months: 1 Thank you for sending over the price. Can you please confirm regarding the driveway to be Block Paved You have stated front driveway being replaced with concrete?! Can you…

Block Paved Driveways

Large Pathway Proposal

This is a good example of the amount of detail we would expect from a commercial pathway quote: We wish to obtain quotations for the installation of a new pathway. Below are the specification that will be required and you are asked to provide two quotes, one for a 2m wide path and one for…


Driveway Enquiries

We get all manner of enquiries via email or phone every day, here is a selection of example quotes to give you an idea you dont need to be a landscape garden planner to ask us to quote, we do all the hard work for you: 1 I currently have a single driveway on my…