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Sustainable Landscaping for Modern Homes

Sustainable Landscaping Solutions for Modern Homes As environmental concerns continue to grow, homeowners are increasingly seeking sustainable landscaping solutions that not only beautify their outdoor spaces but also reduce their environmental footprint. At Meadow Drives, we are committed to offering eco-friendly landscaping options that align with the principles of sustainability. From artificial grass to eco-friendly…

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The Benefits of Artificial Grass In The UK

In recent years, the popularity of artificial grass has surged as homeowners seek to create beautiful, low-maintenance outdoor spaces. At Meadow Drives, we’ve seen firsthand how artificial grass can transform a variety of landscapes, offering many benefits. From lush green turf that stays vibrant year-round to cost-effective and low-maintenance solutions, artificial grass is revolutionising the…

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Burnley Patios and Driveways

Loving the work, we have been doing recently which includes a lot of Patios and Driveways (block paved and tarmac) in Burnley in the last few months, here are some example questions we get asked by Burnley Householders that want us to lay / fix / repair their driveways, patios and gardens. Hi as discussed,…

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Garden Landscaping and Patios in Nelson

We love working in Nelson, Lancashire and here is a selection of example Nelson Enquiries that we have received recently and completed their garden renovations for them (mainly patios and landscaping) 1 As per our conversation this afternoon, here are a few photos of our tree. It must be at least 15 ft tall but…

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Accrington Patios

We love working in Accrington and recently have done loads of work on Driveways and Patios, here are a few Patio Enquiries we have recently from Accrington householders: Accrington Patio Enquiries  Hi have a large old patio which probably needs to be lifted and either re-laid or new tiles laid. Price for labour only will…

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Accrington Driveways

Meadow Drives are the biggest and best company for doing your Driveway if you live in Accrington in Lancashire, the proof is our recent testimonials and projects that we have done in Accrington where we have done many driveways and all customers are happy with our services. Please give us a call or use our…