Those who suffer from limited or reduced mobility issues are associated with a special set of needs; particularly in reference to accessing portions of the property.

While we often focus upon the interior of the home, the fact of the matter is that bespoke driveway modifications are just as important to address. What options are provided by Meadow Drives and Patios?

disabled access service

Choosing the Right Type of Surface

Certain materials such as aggregate and gravel are extremely difficult to negotiate by those with limited mobility. This is why the best options are often concrete or block paving. Not only are these highly durable materials, but they can also represent an attractive addition to the property. We will explain the qualities of each in greater detail during an initial consultation.

Gradients and Sloped Access Points

It is important that the gradient of the driveway is considered, as steep slopes are hazardous from a mobility standpoint.

In the same respect, we will address other issues such as a sloped access point; ideally suited for those who rely upon walkers and wheelchairs.

These all represent made-to-order solutions and their ultimate design will revolve around your requirements.

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Ensuring the safety and comfort of those with limited mobility concerns is an issue that we take very seriously. When nothing less than the best will do, please contact Meadow Drives and Patios Ltd. We will then explain the procedures and options mentioned above in greater detail.