We are all aware that the United Kingdom receives its fair share of rain. Unfortunately, this will often lead to drainage issues and it is not uncommon for driveways to suffer damage as a result. This is why procuring and implementing the proper drainage solutions is critical if you hope to extend the lifespan of this functional area. Let’s take a quick look at how the specialists at Meadow Drives and Patios can be of assistance.

Drains and Channels

There are several techniques which can be employed to eliminate instances of standing water. For instance, a trench drain is often installed where the driveway meets a garage. It is also possible to create run-off channels on either side, as these will help to disperse large quantities of water during periods of heavy rain.

Slope and Gradient

Our technicians will take into account the slope and the gradient of the driveway itself. In the same respect, we will make certain that there are no uneven surfaces that allow water to pool.

Of course, the existing landscaping of your property will also be addressed.

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Different Types of Materials

There are specific materials which are more porous; helping water to quickly drain. Two common examples include resin-bonded aggregate and gravel. As opposed to water remaining on the surface, it will instead percolate and be dispersed below. Please note that there can be instances when we will apply a professional sealant to offer an additional layer of protection as well as to aid in efficient drainage.