Building garden steps into the design of any landscaping project is something we specialise in. They play an important part of the project and without them, your garden just wouldn’t be the same.

If we are working on a garden that is very steep, then we have no other option but to add some steps into the design.

These steps could be leading down from a patio area onto the grass below. Without these steps, you will be left with a steep drop that will be dangerous and not ideal for children.

We can build steps up to your front or back door, up to a fish pond or maybe up to a raised brick-built area that has a hot tub on it.

The ideas are endless.

steps 01

Your steps can be designed to be any size depending on your full requirements. Inserting lights into your steps can be an attractive yet subtle way of illuminating your garden.

You can take a look at our gallery to see some of the steps we have built for our customers in Lancashire, Manchester and Cheshire.