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Our experienced team of professionals managed to successfully revamp this garden and driveway, despite the complexity of the project. We incorporated a variety of services, including sandstone patio, gravel driveway, fencing, wooden planters and block paving, all of which needed to be tailored to the uneven landscape. As you can see from the after pictures, we not only achieved the client‘s goal of creating a space for socialising and relaxation but also provided excellent quality work

Having a gravel driveway can bring many benefits. For one, its installation is usually much more cost effective than other materials, such as asphalt or concrete. Another benefit is that it requires less maintenance than other materials. Gravel driveways are easy to keep up with, with occasional grading, raking, and adding gravel as needed. Additionally, gravel driveways can provide easier access to your home when the weather is bad.

A sandstone patio in your garden can add beauty and character to your outdoor space. Sandstone is also durable and weatherresistant, making it ideal for outdoor spaces. It is also easy to maintain and clean, making it a great option for busy homeowners. Additionally, a sandstone patio can also add significant value to your property and can be used as an attractive feature to help increase the overall appeal and aesthetic of your garden.