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We recently completed a project for a customer in Burnley that involved transforming their old grass driveway into a more functional and aesthetically pleasing one. The customer had been experiencing a lot of issues with the old grass driveway, including mud, unevenness, and constant maintenance, and they were looking for a better solution.

After assessing the customer’s needs and preferences, we recommended using large slabs to create a durable and low-maintenance driveway that would be both practical and stylish. We worked closely with the customer to choose the right type of slabs and resin to complement the existing architecture of their home and create a cohesive look.

Our team of experienced professionals worked diligently to remove the old grass and prepare the site for the new driveway. We then carefully laid the large slabs and applied the resin around them to create a seamless finish. The end result was a beautiful and functional driveway that exceeded the customer’s expectations.

The customer was extremely satisfied with the outcome of the project and appreciated our attention to detail and commitment to delivering a high-quality result. We take pride in our work and are always striving to provide our customers with the best possible service and solutions.