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Not everyone goes for the typical type of driveway like block paving or resin. Some who have a large area go for something that is easy to install and doesnt cost the earth. Gravel driveways are great if you would like to cover a long road that leads up to your property like our clients have.

For this project, our customers in Lancashire had an old tarmac driveway that was cracked, uneven and didnt look very nice. So they asked us to cover the whole area with gravel to make it look more presentable. We started off by filling in the holes. we then laid a layer of new tarmac on top and levelled it out to look smooth and even. We then laid some bricks at the bottom of the driveway enterance and down each side of it too. Once this was all completed, we brought the gravel in on one of our trucks. This was dropped onto the tarmac and flattened out to ensure a nice even finish. The driveway did look great and made the drive up to the property a less bumpy one.

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