gravel back garden skipton 09gravel back garden skipton 03

The project involved adding light grey gravel to a large triangle-shaped sloped area in the back garden, which perfectly complemented the garden’s stone wall features. The area was previously unappealing and difficult to maintain, so the recommendation was made to use a low maintenance option that would transform the space into a stunning, tidy area that would complement the features of the house and garden.

To enhance the beauty and practicality of the area, a small wooden barrier was installed at the bottom of the gravel, which also did not ruin the view of the lovely newly installed gravel. Additionally, the original garden’s stonework was covered by green moss, but our team was able to clear this moss to give the stone wall a brand new look.

Overall, the project seems to have been a great success, transforming a previously unappealing and difficult-to-maintain area into a stunning and low maintenance space that our client is very pleased with.