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At Meadow Drives, we recently had the opportunity to work on an exciting project for a customer in Bury. The project involved the installation of a new rear patio area using large grey slabs to replace the old, tired patio and create a larger, more functional outdoor space.

We began by carefully removing the existing patio, ensuring that all materials were disposed of responsibly and with minimal disruption to the surrounding area. We then prepared the ground to create a level and stable foundation for the new patio slabs to be laid.

Once the groundwork was complete, we began laying the large grey slabs in a pattern that would complement the customer’s existing outdoor decor and provide a modern and sleek aesthetic. We paid close attention to detail, ensuring that each slab was precisely laid to create a seamless and attractive finish.

The end result was a stunning and spacious patio area that the customer was thrilled with. They now have a stylish and functional outdoor space to enjoy for years to come, thanks to the hard work and expertise of our team at Meadow Drives.