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The garden transformation project in Burnley is a breathtaking makeover that is sure to impress anyone who sees it. The project involved a complete redesign of the outdoor space, with a focus on creating a more functional and aesthetically pleasing environment.

The first major change in the garden was the installation of a new sandstone multi-level patio. The patio was constructed using high-quality sandstone slabs that were carefully selected to create a stunning and cohesive design. The multi-level design of the patio provides several seating areas, each with a unique view of the garden.

In addition to the new patio, the garden also received a fresh new lawn. The old, tired grass was removed, and a new layer of turf was laid down. The new grass is lush and vibrant, providing a beautiful contrast to the sandstone patio.

Overall, the garden transformation project in Burnley is a stunning example of how a well-designed outdoor space can transform a home. The new sandstone multi-level patio, fresh turf, and wooden flower beds work together to create a harmonious and inviting environment that is sure to be enjoyed for years to come.