block paved driveway project 04

Tagura Driveway Project

Our next project was to remove an old tarmac driveway from a property in Manchester and replace it with a brand new driveway using three different sized Tagura paving blocks. To start with, we had to dig up the entire driveway to the depth of 24 inches using a mini digger. We then built a new wall to the right side of the driveway along with a slope going to the front door for disabled access. We added membrane weed control to prevent any weeds from growing through and then added a type one hard-core for the foundations. The edging around the driveway was set in concrete.A screed of sharp sand was laid to get the correct levels and to allow any rain water to flow away from the house and the garage.

The driveway consisted of three different sized Tagura paving, small, medium and large in brindle. A charcoal edge was added to the design. After the project was completed, we painted the garage door.

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