Resin Bound DrivewaysResin Bound Driveways Service

Resin-bound driveways are a stylish and easily installed alternative to traditional concrete, tarmac, or paved driveways, but what is the difference?

While a gravel driveway allows for the stones to move around, the resin-bonded solution mixes the loose small stones together with a bonding agent, creating a solid and hard-wearing surface. While other driveway installations often requires the removal of the old driveway surface, this can be poured directly over the pre-existing layer of old asphalt or concrete. This makes for an incredibly quick and affordable installation, without needing any additional and costly building work.

Another major advantage of choosing resin-bound driveways is the sheer amount of variety available, with each aggregate option coming in a range of colours, including black and white, oranges, reds, golds, and even combinations to help match with the overall aesthetic of your property. There are also options for the size and shape of the stones themselves, with smaller stones allowing for a gravel-like appearance while larger stones mimic shingles. While loose gravel driveways can often spill out of the driveway and into the garden, the street, or even into your house on the bottom of your shoes, the resin-bonded aggregate is sealed in-place and holds the same smooth finish for its entire lifespan.

While the installation of other driveways, such as block paving, can take up to a week to fully install, resin-bonded driveways take between one to two days to fully install and set, depending on the size of your driveway. The resin itself only takes between 16-24 hours to fully set, while preparing the groundwork may take a little longer depending on what materials your old driveway was made with.

If you are considering a resin-bound driveway, contact a member of our team today for a detailed look at our design options and to get a competitive quote.