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Burnley Block Paving

For this project, our team created a wonderful block paving driveway in Burnley. After removing the existing paved surface driveway, our team worked together to create the desired pattern as per the customer’s individual request.

After removing the old surface and clearing it all away, we worked hard to add in a sub-base followed by the edge restraints for added stability and strength before adding the layer of sand. Next, our experienced landscapers created the block paving formation as chosen and specified by the customer.

As you can see from the project photographs, the customer requested a diamond style centrepiece and lighter coloured edging to really create the WOW factor for their new block paving driveway. The end result was a beautiful yet functional driveway which could accommodate multiple vehicles.

The customer was overjoyed with the end result, and the property now looks much more aesthetically pleasing. In truth, this Burnley block paving driveway is the envy of all the neighbours!