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Bury Garden Decking: All About Adaptation

Gardens come in all shapes and sizes. Some are no larger than a balcony while others may offer acres of pristine space. Meadow Drives and Patios appreciates the fact that no two properties are alike. Therefore, every project must accommodate the needs of the customer in question. There are nonetheless times when decidedly innovative approaches are required. One recent project in Bury clearly illustrates this point.

Decking is a perfect example of when creature comforts can provide a much-needed change. The only issue was that the plot of land associated with this undertaking was far from level. Our team was tasked to think far outside of the proverbial box in order to provide a unique solution that would address the desires of the property owner. Let’s quickly examine how this was accomplished.

The Preliminary Consultation

One of the issues associated with some Bury properties is that the land is far from level. This obviously presents a challenge when our team is asked to create a garden deck from scratch. This is also why we make it a point to offer every customer a free consultation. It would otherwise be nearly impossible to adopt the correct approach.

In this case, we determined that a wooden deck would need to be erected atop the existing land without modifying its slope. The ultimate goal was to save time and money while simultaneously creating an area that would provide a much-needed escape from the outside world.

A Precise Undertaking

Our team always seeks to develop a strategy that will offer quality results without sacrificing form or function. To create a level deck, we constructed a foundation that was able to provide a level surface while sitting atop of a considerable slope. This required wooden footings spaced specific intervals as well as a second-to-none attention to detail during the preliminary stages.

Once the foundation was in place, the deck itself could then be “fleshed out”. This involved the use of sleeper ties as well as a series of steps that provided easy access to a pair of conservatories that were located nearby. Not only is this wooden decking built to last, but it has been engineered in such a fashion as to address drainage and erosion concerns.

Comfort and Convenience

We firmly believe that this level of flexibility is one of the main reasons why Meadow Drives and Patios has enjoyed unprecedented levels of success throughout Lancashire and the surrounding areas.

As always, the professionals at Meadow Drives and Patios were extremely satisfied with the end result of this project. The customer was likewise ecstatic with how their garden was provided with a much-needed breath of fresh air.

Are you hoping to achieve similar results? Do you wish to learn more about the additional services that our team can provide? If so, please feel free to contact one of our project managers. We are always happy to schedule an on-site consultation at your convenience.