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Block Paving Driveway Project in Burnley

Many of us associate driveways with “one-size-fits-all” solutions. However, this is often far from the actual truth. The team at Meadow Drives and Patios appreciates that no two projects are created equally and this perspective has been gained thanks to industry-leading experience. How does our knowledge translate into the real world?

A property owner in Burnley recently contacted one of our customer service representatives in relation to a driveway renovation. After a brief conversation, we scheduled an on-site assessment in order to better appreciate how such a project could be tackled. Feel free to keep reading if you wish to learn more about how we transformed an otherwise unassuming property into a veritable work of art.

Natural Beauty Only Goes so Far

One of the first issues which our team noticed was the state o the existing driveway. A series of concrete paving slabs had become overtaken by plants and other detritus. Simply stated, the surface itself was no longer serving any real function. It was immediately clear that a more in-depth renovation was in order.

As this was a rather long driveway, our team began by removing the existing slabs with the help of a mini digger. We could then access the subsoil. It was then clear that the underlying surface would likewise require a bit of attention in the form of compacting, grading and levelling. These steps are absolutely essential, as they ensure that the new surface will not experience subsidence or subsequent drainage problems.

Block Paving Stones

One of our most popular services involves the use of block paving stones when resurfacing a driveway. Here are some of the reasons why clients choose such an option:

  • These stones can be laid out in a number of unique patterns.
  • They are available in a kaleidoscope of colours and sizes.
  • Unlike many other surfaces, block paving stones do not require mortar between their joints.
  • Paving stones are extremely durable; helping to cut down on maintenance requirements.

We chose to adopt a herringbone pattern when creating this new driveway surface, as such a configuration provides a sense of visual depth in synergy with what some customers have termed a decidedly luxurious flavour.

A Curvaceous Sense of Originality

One unique aspect of this project involved the borders of the driveway itself. As opposed to employing straight lines, our team created a wavy periphery to provide an entirely unique appearance. The use of multicoloured edging also offered an additional sense of originality; helping to seamlessly tie the entire project together while complimenting the exterior walls of the home.

Although we were extremely pleased with the outcome of this project in Burnley, there are many other possibilities to enjoy when working with the team at Meadow Drives and Patios. From decking and disabled access solutions to fencing and artificial grass, we are always here to help. If you want to learn more, feel free to complete our online contact form.