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There are a sample / example of what people want to ask us regarding driveways / patios / landscaping in their homes in Lancashire, we love coming out to meet you and giving you great value quotes and unbiased advice about your groundwork. Please have a look as some sample questions we get asked regularly.

1 What is the best / Cost effective solution to replace existing shingle driveway? I want to stay at this property long term and dont want to be forced to get the driveway relaid within 20 years.

2 I need a large Parking area in front of my shop, is tarmac best?

3 I have an existing concrete driveway needs repair or replacement, can you come see what you think? Can I send you a photo?

4 Am in Burnley, and am currently taking quotes for our driveway. You come highly recommended so please get back to me, in general it is a large area which has now been dug out and some basic prep as we were having flooding issues when we moved in a year ago. It still needs correctly leveling, drainage and will probably have a gravel top surface with cobble highlights around the front of the house, around the garage and at the front where the electric gates will go. We also have a garage which needs finishing off as our builder became unwell and hasn’t returned.

5 Need some Block paving front garden into a driveway, when can you do it?

6 Extension to existing drive to a new property. Between 25 and 28 square metres, whats your recommendation, tarmac, imprinted concrete or block paving? Or should we consider resin?

7 Need a groundwork project its at the front of house about 5 x 5 meters, you will need to  remove block paving and replace with resin or would be happy to get your opinion.

8 I am hoping the majority if not all of the points are things covered in what you believe was to be done. If not, we can discuss further.

In essence the front garden to resemble the front garden my next door neighbour
All flower beds walls, steps (to the left and right of the house) to be demolished and then rebuilt.
Drainage to be run under the slabs.
Left hand side of drive that connects with the patio in the front needs to be tidied up. There is a drainage pipe that may need connecting up or sealing off and then the loose dirt removed or cemented over. Need your advice on that. This will prevent dirt from coming onto the patio.
Smaller flower bed to be made – similar to what we have.
All flower beds to have soakaways built to let water drain down.
All walls to be tanked with membranes and pivot holes created to allow water drainage into gutter located by the wall.
No draining gutter to be by the house
All walls to be rendered in same render as the house.
Steps to be demolished and rebuilt and tied in with the porch wall and hand rail to be fitted. Will cover the costs of bricks and handrail. (Can you send some pics of grey bricks and will you be able to do the handrail?)

I think that is all for now. I have a very busy day tomorrow but will try and catch up with you for a chat to go through the details.

9 Hi. We need our driveway done and new steps at front of the house. Is someone able to give a quote ? I can send pictures for an estimate

10 Hello. I live in Bolton and am looking to obtain quotes to replace the tarmac frontage to mine and my neighbours properties. As with many new estates the access footpaths are not adopted by the council and 20 years on have cracked and become uneven and now need replacing. Also need dropped kerb and new single resin driveway.

Now you have measured up there are 3 of us in the street who require quotes. I have asked you to quote separately for each household. He has asked that I email you as a prompt so that he can prepare the figures on this basis.

Details are:

The larger piece of work being the footpath and part of the side return, Just the footpath, I am happy for all quotes to come to me in the first instance and I will send on to my neighbours.

If you could email to me once prepared that would be great. When you send over the quotes could you also please give me a rough idea of timescales to start the work and also how long it would take if we decide to go ahead.

Appreciate these quotes won’t be set in stone (excuse the pun), but it would be useful to know roughly.

11 Could you kindly also include the following which was already discussed with your site manager.
Drainage at side and front.
New drain/main manhole cover and smaller cover for stop cock in driveway
Steps across and extended to level with side door.
Platform for steps to match main door.
Paving stone on the steps and brick front.
Remove small front brick wall.
Redo side wall shared with neighbour

12  Large Tarmac Project for my car park
Driveway & Main Car Park – approx 895 square meters
Smaller car park to the left of driveway – approx 250 square meters.
Patch Repair – approx 80 square meters.
Re-marking car park 22 spaces
Price to supply and fit a manual barrier gate.
Price to supply and fit an electric barrier and connect to power supply (assuming that the supply is sufficient)

13 I have a resin driveway which has cracked / failed and I would like a quote to have it removed and re-done. Are you able to come out and quote? I live close to you in Burnley

14 Hi, we live in Burnley and were hoping to get a quote for our Driveway. We’re not sure if we want block or resin etc as yet. Can you give me an idea of what you are more experienced in and what you recommend if you come visit?

15 I’m looking for a quote to get some groundwork done on your garden to erect a gabion wall. Prepare for Type 1 base and concrete base either poured or drylate. The gabion Wall is 540cm in length x 90cm height x max 100cm width.