Drainage ServiceIt would be a lie to say that British weather is predictable, but the one thing we can rely on is that we get our fair share of rain. Because of this, drainage issues and problems with blockages or flooding can be quite a common problem, especially for driveways.

Driveways that do not allow rainwater to run off and drain away can often suffer from standing water, which can lead to flooding and damage to the driveway itself. Installing drainage solutions with Meadow Drives and Patios can not only prevent flooding and standing water, but also increase your driveway’s lifespan and save you a lot of money. As well as that its now a building regulation standard to have a drain and soak-away fitted on all new driveways

Slope and Gradient

When having a driveway initially installed, allowing a slight slope to the gradient allows for water to run-off the surface, preventing pooling and allowing the rain to flow out into street drains.

If your pre-existing driveway already suffers from uneven ground, leaving it can lead to further damage and a more expensive repair later on in the future. During the installation of the driveway, the landscaping of your garden can also be addressed, giving a smooth slope to allow for ease of access for your vehicle, and a surface that promotes water runoff.

Drains and Channels

No matter how sloped your driveway is, without having the proper drainage channels installed around the sides of your driveway, water will still end up pooling at the bottom and sides, risking both flooding the street and oversaturating your garden.

With the ability to have trench drains placed at the top and bottom of your driveway, as well as run-off channels at either side, having multiple drains helps to far easily disperse the water, even if one of the drains becomes clogged, preventing overloading during periods of heavy rain.

Different Types of Materials

While driveways and paths made of solid materials such as concrete can often suffer from damage from standing water because of their lack of natural drainage, this can be prevented by choosing a more porous and easily drainable material for your driveways, including resin-bonded aggregate and gravel. The gaps between these materials allow for water to seep through into the ground below, as well as seeping into any surrounding dirt or grass. An additional sealant can also be applied to help both protect the surface of your driveway while aiding water drainage.

Have a look at our Drainage Section for further info about our Driveway and Patio Drainage.