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What elements serve to define the exterior of a home? While patios, landscaping and fencing are obviously important, the addition of a high-quality driveway is just as relevant. One recent project in Burnley helps to highlight how a new driveway can literally transform the personality of a home from the ground up. If you are considering such a change, it is wise to understand what the team at Meadow Drives and Patios is able to offer. Let us briefly review what this project had in store.

All About Preparation and Planning

We always make it a point to establish a working relationship with the customer from the beginning. This allows us to understand their personal desires and we are also able to explain how the project itself will unfold. After an initial consultation, we began by levelling the existing surface of the front garden and removing any existing debris that was present. This is extremely important, as the subsequent block paving stones require a flat and even foundation.

More than Functionality Alone

While a driveway is intended to serve a functional purpose, a bit of style can still go a long way. The good news is that the use of block paving stones opens up a host of possibilities in terms of patterns. The customer decided upon a herringbone design, as this offers a sense of visual depth. It also reflected the bricks found upon the exterior of the home.

The deep grey paving stones were further accentuated with the addition of a red brick driveway border. The colours perfectly complimented one another and we even used two lines of these red bricks to highlight a pathway to the front door. As no mortar is required between the stones, they can freely expand and contract with changing weather conditions. This helps to prevent cracks from forming while still providing a means for water to drain during periods of heavy rain. So, flooding is no longer a concern.

A Traditional Sense of Style

While this project was rather straightforward when compared to some of our other accomplishments, the fact of the matter is that we took a great deal of pleasure in the final outcome. the Burnley client was also very happy with the end result. If you wish to learn about additional block paving options, please contact one of our team members.